Get it right up ye!

And so it begins.  We have no representation but yet I find myself grabbing a cold one from the fridge, feet up and watching the opening ceremony of Euro 2012.  If you can’t beat them join them, that’s what they say.  Who am I supporting, I hear you ask – not England!

Opening match is Poland v Greece, I’m supporting Poland, the rational behind this is my Polish friends on facebook, they’re making enough noise to make me support their team.  Why not England?  It’s against my religion, honest it is.  With an English grandmother and my other half being English I can get away with it, besides it’s just a bit of fun.  Yes I’m one of those that like to see England getting beat, it’s become a habit of a lifetime and what’s football without a bit of rivalry.

It wasn’t until Germany v England in 2010 that it all got a little heated.  As the whistle blew at full-time 4-1, I found myself on my knees in front of the television shouting “get it right up ye” and forgetting my other half sitting miserably staring at me in disbelieve.  He took it well.

So why change old habits.  I’m a Scotland supporter through and through despite their inability to win anything other than a new sponsorship I’ll support them to the end. I’m a nail-biting supporter to the last minute, I pray, I dream, I hope for the day they make it to a European or World Football event once more.

Now bring on Monday – allez les bleus!

To watch the goals back in 2010 click here




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