Candlelit dinner or is it another power cut?

It’s Friday night and we all look forward to putting our feet up and relaxing with a few glasses of that delicious wet stuff they call wine, whilst watching a bit of TV and then suddenly all the electricity goes out.  Okay don’t panic, it’s Valentine’s Week after all and like most girlies I have plenty of candles to set the mood, oh and a spanking new bioethanol fire (that doesn’t require gas or electric) with a very large, cosy sheepskin rug on the floor, it’s not a complete disaster of an evening.

Okay so what do you do when you’ve spent lots of pretty pennies on lots of tasty ingredients to make that Saturday night meal you deserve after a hard-working week and the electricity decides to go off for the second night running?  Yes the menu is all set, the wine carefully selected to accompany my Spinach and Ricotta Homemade Pasta with grated parmesan, followed by Salmon en Croute with watercress sauce.  Homemade pasta, I hear you cry, yes no flies on this girl!

Well eat your heart out Jamie, I made homemade pasta by candlelight.  Albeit I used about twenty candles and the kitchen was more like a church hall but it tasted great, if I say so myself.  With a gas hob and a match and my large fragrant Jo Malone candle collection, I saved the day and cooked up a storm, beat that Scottish Power!

Now for my compensation claim…………watch this space.

  • When the lights go out you might want to listen to: Five
  • For tips on what to do when the power goes out visit: CDC

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