Fit Body Farm (FBF) I’ll miss you

I never thought I would feel sad and down in the mouth about missing my latest fitness regime as it comes to a close for the month of January. Munching away happily on my Japanese rice crackers and gulping my fifth bottle of evian for the day, I feel solemn and anxious about not returning next month.  I find myself reflecting on what has been a huge change for me personally into my everyday life.

I vow to implement all that I have learnt from Gavin Hogarth at Fit body Farm into my routine, it has completely changed my way of thinking about fitness the levels I can obtain and also about what I eat and when I should eat it.  I have learnt about food intolerances, those that I can manage without and what foods I don’t miss from my daily diet.

The team spirit and motivation has been fantastic and the personal achievements of everyone involved is nothing short of inspirational to all the newcomers at FBF.  It gives you a goal to aim for and you’re not alone in trying to reach it, everyone is of a different age group and best of all it caters for both men and women, everyone feels welcome.

For those of you returning to FBF I envy you, for those of you just starting good on you and in the words of a well known and fun FBF addict, ‘Bring It’.


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