Does my bum look fit in this?

Well I’m made it to 14 days! Yes two full weeks of Fit Body Farm and I am feeling good. Who said exercise isn’t good for you? Omitting alcohol, dairy products, processed foods, potatoes and pasta from my diet has been a challenge and a half for my now detoxed body but the biggest hurdle I have overcome is quitting caffeine.  I have missed my morning ritual of switching on the kettle, yes for me it has always been a case of wake up and smell the coffee.  Last week the headaches were bad and passing the numerous coffee shops without grabbing a latte has been a big test for my willpower.  It’s not quite the same sipping green tea, peppermint tea, lemon tea, raspberry tea, redbush tea, camomile tea, spearmint tea, lavender tea, I’ve tried them all, but I need my caffeine fix!

The biggest bonus so far is my clothes are fitting me much better and cleverly I’ve saved all my Christmas gift cards for a big shop in London next month, a girl deserves a treat right!  There’s nothing better than walking into the changing room and feeling good about trying on new outfits and in smaller sizes.  I’ve had the measuring tape out and this girl is loosing inches. “Does my bum look big in this?” I won’t be muttering these words anytime soon, I hope!

The early morning wake up sessions at Fit Body Farm are addictive and a great way to wake up my sleepy head, I am not a good morning person but this has really given me a boost of energy from somewhere.  The FBF team inspire each other every day, there’s great camaraderie amongst the group to keep motivation levels high, you need this at 6am in the morning.

The finishing line is in sight with two more weeks to go and this little body is all set for phase two.

For a good old 80’s workout visit: Jane Fonda


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