Fit Body Farm Fee

What better way to bring in the New Year than join Fit Body Farm.  Start 2012 as you mean to go on, well that’s my thinking.  If you can’t beat them join them.  Yes I’ve heard them all before but this time it’s less talk and big action for this girl.

With a sharp 5.30am rise this morning, my unshapely bod was making its way down the M77 to join the rest of the eager FBF Invincibles to shake off the winter cobwebs. Say goodbye to the festive munchies and make way for the new healthy fit selves.  A tough forty-five minute exercise workout (in a beautiful setting) and I’m asking myself, what am I doing?  But a big dose of team spirit and a motivational shove from my fitness guru and it’s all worth it.

With a four week plan in front of me and the first morning out the way, I am buzzing with excitement with what lies ahead.  My fridge is bulging with nutritional goodies for the next week, with fruit, vegetables, fish and a few secret ingredients I cannot possibly divulge, I can’t wait to get stuck in.  

A tasty omelette with red peppers for breakfast washed down with green tea to start the day, it’s Monday and I’m feeling good.  Bring it on!

Click to check out the Fit Body Farm in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire or visit facebook.


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