Two Grey Squirrels and a Pigeon in a Rowan Tree

“Feed the birds tuppence a bag”, I think that’s how the song goes.  I knew I was being watched today as I sat busily typing away on my laptop, perched on my window ledge and staring in at me, bobbing its little head up and down was a very cute puffed up little wood pigeon.  “It’s not me you’re looking for my little plump friend, I’ll cook you for dinner with a tasty red wine gravy”, I said to the wee pigeon (it didn’t reply).

My neighbour who shall remain anonymous (although I have disguised her name in today’s blogging) has a soft spot for all birds, in fact all living things to be precise, animals, plants and insects (especially worms).  Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to throw crumbs out for our little feathered friends who are extremely defenceless in the freezing cold Scottish winters, but pigeons, a line must be drawn!

Needless to say there is now a pigeon army in the back garden, seven I counted in total today, following me as I take the rubbish out and cooing as I sift through my recycling (yes I do recycle).   I’m afraid to admit the fluffy feathered army got the better of me, Christmas spirit and all that festive camaraderie, joy to all men, animals and birds, yes I gave in. I put a few crumbs on my window sill for the little fluffy guy, it’s cold out there. He certainly wasn’t fearful and remained quite happily perched up on my window ledge for most of the morning and watched the world go by.

ImageBut he was not alone! Forget Edinburgh Zoo for the latest wildlife update, you think pandas are the latest attraction, two furry grey squirrels appeared alongside my puffy little wood pigeon, it was like a scene from Frozen Plant (it was frosty) filmed from a back garden in the west end of Glasgow.  Not forgetting the tiny blue tits that were branch hopping their way over to my ledge, but there just wasn’t enough room, sorry fellas.

Mr Attenborough if you’re looking for a new location for Frozen Plant series two, get yourself to Pigeon Street, Glasgow.

A wee pigeon video: Pigeon Street

For advice on feeding the birds in the winter visit: RSPCB


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