Winter Warmth

With the Scottish winter rain, wind and snow upon us I feel the need to invest in keeping my little self cosy and warm.  My mum’s homemade potato soup most certainly keeps me toasty on the inside, washed down with a large mug of hot mulled wine.  But there is nothing more heart-warming and atmospheric than the naked flame of an open fire to keep Jack Frost at bay, yes that’s a real fire!

After a long, lengthy slog researching the internet, trawling through all my fire options, I discovered that I am rather fussy (a girl knows what she likes and dislikes). I don’t like gas fires, I don’t like electric fires and more to the point I can’t have a real fire without a lot of costly work and prodding of my flue (oh my!).

I’m told that an eco-friendly fire is the way forward.  A Magiflame Bioethanol Fire being the ultimate solution.  It’s a real flame, yes a real live fire and it gives heat (obviously) and burns on eco-friendly fuel.  The magiflame is quite new and appeared on ITV1 in the summer, it has received very positive feedback and if you can’t have a real coal fire then this is the next best thing, I hope!

Well I’ve taken the plunge this winter and ordered myself the fireplace of all fireplaces, as far as my budget will allow!  Oh and to top it off nicely I have splashed out on a large, thick, white, fluffy, sheepskin rug from The Rug Rooms another luxury that this girl deserves.  I’m picturing Christmas stockings hanging from the mantel-piece, a warm glowing fire and me lying on the sheepskin rug with a mug of mulled wine in hand, a girl can dream!  Watch out for the real fire Santa on your way down the chimney!

For Magiflame Bioethanol Fireplaces see:

Check out: Magiflame


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