Ello, Ello Ello. What’s going on ere then?

Anything I have written on this blog may have been taken down in evidence.

Like most girlies I have always been partial to a man in uniform.  I’m certainly not referring to the local postie or the city’s favourite traffic warden.  If you had asked me last week to choose between the boys in blue and the yellow welly brigade I would choose the yellow wellies every time.  But not now!  Oh no, the boys in blue are top of my list when it comes to rescuing a damsel in distress and saving the day!

A few nights ago, I was lost, scared and alone in deepest, darkest Paisley and in search of the St Mirren football ground (they moved it). I found myself pulling up outside a local newsagent to ask for directions. Low and behold right in front of me, two young handsome bobbies sitting in their police jeep (on a well deserved break of course).  If in doubt ask a policeman, that’s what my mum used to tell me.  So with a girlie wiggle, a flick of my long blond locks and a forced pearly white grin I chapped their window.

“Can you tell me the way to the new St Mirren football ground please?  I’m terribly lost!”, said little ol me.

“No problem Miss, but make sure you keep your windows up and doors locked.  Get straight back on to the motorway, turn left at the first roundabout, take the third exit at the second roundabout, turn left, then right, blah, blah…….”, said the nice young officer.

Ahhhhh!  No chance, never in a month of Sundays was I ever going to find it.  I thanked the nice young police officers and headed back to my car only to discover my mobile had run out of battery and my car almost out of petrol.  Not quite the girl scout!

As I switched on my car engine, there was a knock at my window.  “We’ll take you to St Mirren Miss, we wouldn’t want you getting lost, so please follow close behind us.” said the handsome young officer.

Well you couldn’t get the grin off my face, in fact I think it’s permanently stuck. My faith is certainly restored in law enforcement.  I forgive you Mr Policeman for putting a ticket on my car a few years ago claiming my road tax was out of date, when it wasn’t!

There was little ol me following behind the boys in blue, with flashing lights down the motorway, left at the first roundabout, third exit at the second roundabout, turned left, then right, blah, blah…..

As I pulled up outside the football ground, behind the blue lights, I gave the officers a wave and blew them a kiss goodbye!  A big thank you to my boys in blue, you saved me x

Boys this wee video is for you: The Police

Stay safe and if you need help contact the police: www.strathclyde.police.uk

Image courtesy of pamsclipart.com


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