Football v Scotland v Women

I’m not your typical bird (and I use the word bird loosely) when it comes to watching the football.  “What does offside mean?” would never be uttered from my lips and “I really like their new shorts” or “The goalkeeper is really good-looking” these are not phrases I would commonly use during any national or league football game.

I’m quite partial to the odd football match and I am more than often found supporting our national team as they cling on to every little bit of hope they have left in qualifying for our European or World football dream.

Yes I am one of those tartan supporters that kneels and prays in front of the television and pleads for a miracle, a bolt of lightening that will change the outcome, perhaps a Scottish kelpie will cause dire peril for our unaware and helpless opposition.

Yet still, the passion remains, game after game, loss after loss, it’s that Scottish way of thinking, that patriotic proudness that only us Scots experience, even when the chips are down we still believe.

Did you know that Scotland are joint oldest national football team in the world alongside our old enemy, this status and claim has done us no favours but at least we can admit when our team are garbage and have no chance of lifting anything other than a hot brew.

Perhaps we should concentrate on the tennis and the curling and us girlies will concentrate on what not to say whilst watching the football!

Scotland 1978


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